All Our Artisan Meats Are Cooked Low’N’Slow For Up To Half A Day.

Some are marinated in our spice mixes for up to 8 hours.

The result of all this time & effort? Oh-so-tender & juicy meats with a rich, intense but natural taste.
Choose from BBQ Pulled Pork, Spiced Pulled Beef, Pulled Chicken & Pulled Ham
With their special taste and texture our pulled meats are delicious in wraps, salads & sandwiches and can be a versatile centrepiece for lots of quick & tasty recipes.
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BBQ Pulled Pork

Our award winning, meltingly tender and juicy BBQ Pulled Pork uses a secret family recipe, developed with a knowing nod to American techniques & ingredients. Quality local cuts of pork are marinated in a BBQ spice mix for hours. We cook low & slow for up to half a day to produce tender, succulent pork which is hand-pulled and left to cool in its own juice. Carefully measured slow cooking, shredding and resting allow the natural flavours merge with the spices to produce an oh-so-tasty result, now available on a chilled shelf near You. This Family recipe has received a Bronze Award for our Parent Company, Need Of Meats, at the Blas Na hÉireann Food Awards in 2014, – A celebration of the best tasting Irish food.


Spiced Pulled Beef

A lot of time goes into our Spiced Pulled Beef. We use the finest locally sourced brisket, apply our own Texas style dry rub and let the meat cook slowly for over 10 hours. The result is an extemely tender and nicely spiced Pulled Beef, Texas style.


Pulled Chicken

The highest quality chicken cooked low and slow, with nothing adding nothing but love and time. Hand-Pulled in-house by highly trained meat lovers who are passionate about quality – ensuring a high protein, low fat Pulled Chicken that is  delicious in everything from regular sandwiches to BBQ  pulled chicken pizza.


Pulled Ham

We cook our Pulled Ham at low temperature for over 10 long hours, adding nothing but years of experience. We skilfully hand-pull and pack it to deliver a versitile and healthy ingredient for your sandwiches, wraps or salads. We suggest You try some of our recipes for Pulled Ham here.

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